Garden&Golf employs specialised engineers and the best professional teams in golf course construction.

Throughout the construction process Garden and Golf undertakes constant checking procedures and progresses with much attention to detail in all areas of the project:

   Finish shaping
   Construction and waterproofing of lakes
   Installation of irrigation systems
   Preventive treatment

The initial stages of the project require much initiative, and at Garden&Golf, the team and its technological capacity are able to shape the terrain according to the guidelines that direct the project, all combining to achieve anticipated results in the blueprint of the terrain.

Adequate earthworks are the foundation of any future golf course. Earthworks and the shaping of the course should be combined in perfect harmony with the drainage system, for the proper redirection of water into the lakes for further use in the irrigation of the land and optimization of natural resources.

Garden&Golf boasts expert installers of irrigation systems for golf courses utilising a combination of the most advanced technology and quality of materials: pipes, sprinklers, electric valves, programmers and electric pump units. Garden&Golf guarantees the utilization of top quality materials in every phase of construction of the golf course.

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